Top 5 Beauty Podcasts you must listen to

There is something so therapeutic about listening to a podcast. We love working, driving or even just relaxing whilst listening to one. There are all sorts of podcasts on a variety of topics, and during this time of self-isolation, it sure helps you feel a lot less lonely. They are so addictive – so much so we’re binging on the best of the beauty ones!


Whether you want to learn more about the industry through empowering interviews or get some tips and tricks to perfect your next going out look, there is a podcast for everyone. We know they will have you hooked!


The Baron of Botox


The Baron of Botox is an intriguing and thrilling podcast about the life of cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Frederic Brandt. It will tell the story of one of the most iconic figures in Botox from his childhood, to his career highlights. The 10-part series includes interviews with some of the biggest names in the beauty industry, and you get a real feel for what it is like working for such a character.



Beyond The Beauty


Beyond The Beauty is hosted by a familiar name within the beauty industry – the iconic Bobbi Brown. After leaving her namesake brand back in 2016, she decided to use her voice to speak out about beauty stigmas such as hair loss and how the beauty industry needs to clean up their act. Her podcasts also include fascinating interviews with beauty experts and influencers, as well as tips for becoming an entrepreneur. Perfect for those of you wanting feel empowered and inspired!



Beauty From The Heart


Meet beauty influencer, Rose Gallagher, otherwise known as @rosegallagher back in the day. The beauty guru radiates positivity and beauty, and inspires brands and people to fight for important causes. Her first series of Beauty from the Heart focuses on how certain figures or brands within the beauty industry are doing their bit to do good, although she does touch on other subjects too. She has discussed very important topics such as mental health and the significance of Black Lives Matter on the beauty industry – her podcasts are must-listens!

Fat Mascara


Run by two beauty directors, Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein, Fat Mascara is the go-to podcast to know everything that is going on within the industry. You will discover the latest news, the must-have brands, exciting product launches as well as interviews with the hottest names within the industry. There are also tips on how to improve your skin and well-being from the best in the business – this just has to be next on your list!



The Beauty Closet


The Beauty Closet is hosted by beauty editors Jean Godfrey-June and Megan O’Neill. They discuss a wide range of topics – clean beauty, how to get the shiniest and most glamorous hair, and also how the Black Lives Matter movement is impacting the industry. The podcast oozes self-acceptance and self-love, it’s a feel-good and empowering hour that will make you think and help you grow.




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