TML and why you must have it in your kit

Whether it’s acne treatment devices, or 3D nail printing machines, technology, without a doubt, has revolutionised beauty product innovations for the better.


However, tech-powered beauty buys aren’t limited to skincare and nail art these days, as brands like The Makeup Light (TML) are improving the hair and makeup application experience through state-of-the-art LED technology.


To do this, TML incorporates LED bulbs into their key light panels, which provide exceptional lighting quality to any room. All LED bulbs used in these panels are daylight balanced (which mimic actual sunlight), and have a long-life expectancy of 50,000 hours, which, in turn, transforms an ordinary mirror into one that rivals professional salon quality. This, of course, can be useful to any beauty novice (or professional makeup artist) looking to recreate the latest makeup looks and hairstyles at home.


Another one of the best features the TML has to offer is portability, as each LED panel can be clamped onto any mirror to improve lighting in a snap. This means TML products can easily be used in hotels while traveling, or in your bedroom or bathroom at home.


TML products can also be used for creative purposes, since each panel can be adjusted to any angle of your liking. After all, we all know that the most viewed beauty videos on social media have fantastic lighting to begin with. Youtube beauty vloggers like Angie Di Batista, for example, love the customisation and lighting quality of this system, making it worthwhile to keep this item on your radar, should you be looking to break into the beauty influencer scene.


While TML products do offer a professional lighting experience from the comfort of your own home, it’s important to acknowledge that the brand’s kits prices are on the higher side, as prices start at $360 and up.


And yes, this may be a bit steep for bargain beauty shoppers, but if high-quality lighting is a feature you are looking for in a product, trust that any of TML’s kits may be just the investment product you have been looking for, as it comes with added accessories you won’t have to purchase separately.



The TML Key Light 2.0 Starter Kit, for example, not only comes with one key light LED panel, but it also comes with an added light stand, gooseneck, power cord, and velvet pouches to store your light product safely in.


TML key light 2.0 starter kit with stand


Similarly, the Key Light 2.0 Master Kit builds on the starter kit experience by providing two key light LED panels, two suction mounts, two EZ-clamps, and two light stands to users.


TML Key Light 2.0 Master Kit


In short, there’s no denying that tech-powered beauty buys have solved a ton of our beauty woes in recent years, whether it’s achieving clearer skin, or creating salon-worthy nail looks at home.


With this in mind, it’s safe to say that The Makeup Light is truthfully no exception, as it improves lighting quality, allows for flawless makeup and hair looks, and helps create cleaner and brighter social media videos.


And yes, price is an important consideration attached to all TML products. However, since each kit comes with added accessories, it does allow you to get exactly what you pay for.


Photo by Mateusz Dach from Pexels


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