Statement lips – which one are you?

Smokey eyes were the most fashionable trend in makeup a couple of years back, however, lipsticks have immensely taken over. Statement lips have taken over. Whether you’re rocking an awesome lip art, a sturdy nude, or even a bright color, this look is a must- have this spring. An intense lip color nor only accentuates your face; it also portrays confidence.
While you may be worried if the color bleeds out or if it will get to your teeth, you can be rest assured that when applied correctly, the color stays in place and the risk is all worth it when it comes to making a statement with your pout.
This season’s beauty motto is to either go bold or go home.

Here are some gorgeous lip trends to try out.

Neon Purple Lip
This purple sophisticated lip trend is a great way to rock the statement lip. While you may be afraid to rock a purple lip due to its bright color, when paired with simple makeup, this can make you stand out. Use a dense black line with a brush for the eye makeup. Go for a modest base with a subtle blush of pink. Finish the look with a bright neon purple lipstick.

Ombre Lips
Ombre braids first took over before the Ombre lips took over. You can now rock your lipstick in different shades to create a look that you can sport to the club or other night festivities.

Metallic Blue
Nobody thought metallic blue was a lip color that would look beautiful. Nevertheless, you’ll be surprised to learn that this lip color can look beautiful. A shimmering blue color is a great way to be super brave with your lip choice. To finish the look, go for an iridescent highlighter for the inner corners of your eyes.

Deep, dark red
Dark red is a shade that certainly depicts statement. You can either choose a burgundy tone that has traces of brown or simply a burgundy tone. Dark red is perfect for most complexions, making it a perfect statement lip color. To add elegance, opt for dark eyes and a dark red lip color.

Nude Shades
Bold and bare shades are a huge trend thanks to celebrities like the Kardashians. This lip color is perfect if you’re rocking dramatic eye makeup. This shade looks like your lips, but much better. You can also go bold with your base to highlight your lips.

Orange-Red Lip
Being such a unique shade, you’re guaranteed to make a statement with an orange-red lip color. A Smokey eye look perfectly complements this look. Bronze and brown tones are also perfect to create your look.

Tips to Help You Achieve Statement Lips

With many lip colors available, it can be difficult to choose a particular color. If you’re just starting out, you can get a fuchsia lipstick instead of the classic red. Go for highly pigmented hues rather than the complicated neons.

Keep Your Skin Simple
If you’re wearing a bold lip color, try and keep your skin simple. Incorporate a face mask in your weekly routine to ensure that your skin is in good shape. By keeping your makeup minimal, you’ll be making your statement lip the focus of your look.

Invest in a Primer
As you age, you may start noticing fine vertical lines around the lip line. This shouldn’t stop you from achieving a statement lip. Use a liner primer around your lip line to fill in any lines. This also prevents bold lip colors from bleeding into the lines. This ensures that you still get to have a natural look.

Do not forget a Lip Liner
A lip liner is an essential if you’re looking to achieve the perfect shape. When using the liner, take the colors into the corners of your lips and work outwards. You can also use a liner as a base by applying the pencil all over your lips before applying a statement lipstick.

To finish off the look, use a makeup brush to dust some powder foundation onto your lips while placing a tissue on your lips. This creates a long-lasting and professional look.


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