Makeup artist or manager?

When a One Tribe makeup artist becomes the site manager for the day.

Have you ever wondered what it might be like on the agency side of the business?

Recently, we appointed one of our members Amelia Mills HMUA, from Melbourne to represent One Tribe as a ‘site coordinator’ for a makeup job in Sydney.

It was the opportunity for an artist to be on the flip-side of the job and to have a ‘day in the life of us’ experience.

Thank you Amelia, for being so accommodating and flexible throughout. We were so proud to have you there on our behalf ❤️

You can read Amelia’s reflection of the experience below.


My brief foray into the life of One Tribe management was an experience I am honoured to have had. I was given the opportunity to fly interstate for the day to represent One Tribe as site coordinator and be the client point of contact. It has given me a new appreciation for both what make up agencies have to deal with on a daily basis as well as the ability to do so in a calm, enthusiastic and professional manner.

What happened when I arrived:
The original make up brief was different to what the client requested onsite: The new addition to what the client requested meant it would take more time than what was originally allocated. The 15-20 guests were asked to come prepared with their base makeup and hair done (to which 95% hadn’t!).

The client had given 2 hours to complete all makeup, however the client had not communicated this to any of their team! (What a nice surprise). During the allocated makeup time, the client guests were taken away for their own meeting which took away at least 30 minutes, so I stayed back half an hour over time.

Luckily, with the professionals we had as part of the team that day, we were able to get through all clients, touching up bases and fixing hair where needed. Because of the support and professionalism of my fellow team, the day was able to run quickly and relatively smoothly. A brief goodbye, with touch-ups at the end and I, was off the hook as One Tribe site coordinator!

What I’d do differently
Looking back, it was actually an incredibly stressful day. If I had my time again, I would be sure to check if there were to be any disruptions throughout the day that the client was aware of, reiterate what we do, what they have booked us for and check in with the client more through the day. However, it’s difficult when as a coordinator, you’re running all over the place, trying to assist and keep everyone happy.

What I’ve learnt
I’ve learned that time is really money, especially when you’re racing to catch your plane home! It taught me that some clients will never be 100% happy, the people who want to pay less expect more and the people who pay more expect less. For the most part. I’ve also learned that time management is crucial, our makeup artists are the bomb and being calm on the outside, even when you aren’t on the inside is key.

Thank you One Tribe, for letting me get to know another side to the many pages of the business!

PS. I know I definitely prefer to be the hair and makeup artist on the job.. and leave the managing to the pros.😆

What are your site management tips? Share them with us in the comments below!


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