Interview with Lara Wirth – SFX Makeup

Winner of ANZ FACE Awards by NYX Professional Cosmetics

Winning the ANZ FACE Awards by NYX Professional Cosmetics 2017, $10,000 and a trip to LA, Lara Wirth is one to watch in the SFX space! At only 17 and completely self-taught, she is already kicking major goals! Lara’s work really does depict her natural talent and skills in the field. Her images really do speak for themselves!

Tell us a bit about your background and experience
I have always loved art and everything creative, mostly drawing. When I came across this art form by chance I was so intrigued by it that I immediately set my heart on trying it for myself. About a year later I started teaching myself. Ever since I have been slowly refining my technique and skills to constantly attempt to create bigger and better makeups.

Why were you drawn to special effects?
I am really drawn to the concept that you can create a piece of art that can move and be interacted with and is also temporary. It has so much humanity and emotion but at the same time goes above and beyond humanity in appearance.

What competitions you have been participated in?
I have entered different online competitions over the year and won little bundles of makeup that really helped me in creating a kit and expanding my shades and colours. Then more recently I entered the ANZ FACE Awards by NYX Professional Cosmetics and after a series of challenges won. For the prize I receive $10,000, a trip to LA, and some goodies from the sponsors!

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I am heavily inspired by nature such as colour, texture, and forms. And also by the work of other artists such as Tim Burton and Ve Neill. Halloween of course is also a highly motivating event for me and often fuels most of the makeups I create for the following year.

Could you tell us one fun fact about you?
I absolutely love whales and marine life. I have scuba dived with reef and bull sharks as well as swum with whale sharks and been lucky enough to see orcas in the wild.

About Lara
Lara Wirth is currently studying year 12 with the hope of pursuing medicine at university, but is open to seeing where her passion for body art will take her. You can find Lara through her Instagram page @armageddonpainted or YouTube and Facebook – Armageddon Painted.


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