How to achieve natural makeup

Whether it’s for your wedding day, for work or you’re just starting out, there is an art to achieving that natural ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. Here are some tips on how to achieve natural makeup looks.

Customise Your Base

If you want to achieve a more natural-looking base, add a little moisturiser to your foundations as it will tone down the coverage and give the skin a more natural finish. Strobing creams, like this one from MAC, will reduce the cakiness but make your skin look dewy and naturally awake.

Soften Your Eyes

Instead of a harsh liquid or kohl eyeliner, use an angled brush and smudge matte black eye shadow on the lash line for definition without the harsh line. Nude makeup doesn’t have to just be browns, emeralds, plums, and oranges can also be incorporated into neutral makeup looks. When you apply darker eye shadows on your outer corners, use a small brush to poke colour into the outer crease and blend after. When you want natural looking makeup it’s all about the blend, always make sure you use small circular motions to get the most seamless blend. Jem Im and Jessica Clements have great tutorials on how to achieve flawless natural makeup looks.

Skip the Powder

Cream products look much more natural than powder. Skip the sometimes-overpowering powder blush and instead try a cream pink or peach blush along the tops of the cheekbones. Cream products blend so much smoother into the skin, giving a natural lit from within look. If you fear your blush is too bold, run your foundation over it with the residue product still on it to help calm the pigment down.

Cream bronzer is also a great way to look like you’ve naturally tanned. Avoid using it all over the face like a finishing powder. Just apply the bronzer around the outside edge of your face and lightly under your cheekbones, for a natural warmth. Remember to imitate the number 3 when applying bronzer.

Buff Your Lipstick

We all still love a good matte red lipstick, but a bold lip can be a little distracting. To soften your favourite lip colour, dampen a small fluffy brush with Fix Plus or another makeup mist, buff the colour into your lips with a brush until you get a diffused stained lip. This simple hack will leave your lip colour lasting all day and give you that chic popsicle effect. MAC Cosmetics’ makeup artist Michele Magnani has a useful tutorial on how to achieve this look.


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