5 makeup artists to follow on Instagram

If you’re like a lot of us and spend time scrolling through your Insta looking for interesting posts to like or people to follow, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 makeup influences to follow in Australia.

Whether you are a beauty enthusiast or you are someone who aspires to be a makeup influencer, it’s very common to look for inspiration from other people. This gives you ideas on what you should create, stimulates and unleashes the creativity in you, and helps you work on your makeup skills and make it even better.

The number of makeup influencers in Australia alone is huge so how do you find which ones are worth the follow? To help you out with that, we did our own research and picked our top five Australian makeup influencers you need to follow on Instagram!

1. Lauren Curtis / @lozcurtis

Lauren has 1.3 million followers on Instagram and is also quite popular on YouTube with 3.52 million subscribers. She creates very helpful content like makeup and hair tutorials, product reviews as well as product hauls. We like how engaging she is as a makeup influencer. She recommends so many products but also likes to ask her audience what kind of products they like and what they think about it. Just reading all the comments on her posts, you will already learn so many tips and advice from her and from other beauty enthusiasts!

2. Chloe Morello // @chloemorello

Chloe is an Australian Makeup Influencer who is now based in LA. She has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and 2.72 million subscribers on YouTube. We love how outgoing and vibrant her personality is, that is probably why so many people like watching her videos and following her pages for makeup inspirations. She likes to recreate beautiful looks from celebrities and also gives useful makeup tips and hacks. We definitely love how creative she is with her makeup looks. Check out her Halloween look here.

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3. Brookelle Mackenzie // @bybrookelle

Brookelle has 922K followers on Instagram and she’s definitely one of the most creative Australian makeup influencers we have ever discovered. She likes to create extraordinarily artsy looks such as looks with a drawing ofconstellations, galaxies, planets, clouds, rainbows etcetera. She also likes to use vibrant and glittery colours upon her looks.

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4. Bella Fiori // @isabella_fiori

Isabella or Bella has 662K followers on Instagram and has 2.04 million subscribers on YouTube. If you’re into that “All-natural” Makeup Look, she is definitely worth the follow. This Australian beauty slays this look almost every day and that’s one of the many things we love about her! She creates tutorial videos as well as GRWM on YouTube. Check out her 15-minute daily makeup routine here.

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5. Michael Finch // @michaelfinch

Michael has 631K Instagram followers and 959K YouTube subscribers. We love how
confident he is with her looks and we can’t blame him, he creates super good makeup inspos! He likes to do makeup video hauls and reviews and also shares his own makeup routines.

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Whether it’s a simple and natural or a full-glam look, these five Australian makeup influencers never cease to amaze and surprise us with their creativity.

So what about you? Who are your current favourite makeup influencers? Got someone to add onto the list? Leave a comment below to let us know!


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