10 Best Korean Skincare Brands

Korean cosmetics are a philosophy – using quality products that have positive long-term effects on your skin. Your skin will look rejuvenated and flawless, people will soon be asking your secret! So many brands, so little time – we’re cutting down the research for you so you know which brands are an absolute must!


We know that a perfect skincare regimen can totally revolutionise your skin. Using the best products morning and night will give you a wholesome glow. They are so many products you can get to suit your skin type and help battle your skin woes. Read on to discover more about the crème de la crème of Korean skincare.




COSRX’s skincare products have been created following a decade of skincare problem studies – meaning that they know a thing or two when it comes to hydrating your skin and resolving your problems. Application is easy and buildable, making sure you don’t have any excess product on your face. Their products are lightweight – we love their Pure Fit Cica Serum, it revitalises your skin and prevents damage.




Innisfree is a Korean skincare brand using natural products to enhance your skin. Containing wholesome ingredients, their products will be the answer to all your prayers! Their ingredients are responsibly-sourced and organic, to help you keep that youthful glow. Give yourself a pamper session with their Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, containing volcanic ash which will help you treat oily skin, it also tightens pores and is a great exfoliant for dead skin.





IOPE is a skincare brand using innovative ingredients. They have researched for years to create clever products that will improve your skin dramatically. Available for all skin types, their labs have worked to create safe and revolutionary products for your morning and night routines. Their Super Vital Eye Cream is perfect for banishing dark circles and enhancing your eyes. Your fine wrinkles will be a distant memory!


Banila Co


Banila Co know that the key to a perfect makeup look is on-point skin. They provide you with skincare essentials that will help you up your A-game. Known for their iconic Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm, the brand ensures they create products for all skin tones, types and textures. Your skin woes will be a thing of the past! Their products will even improve your makeup application, they even out your skin to create the perfect base. Their iconic product is renowned for its age-defying properties and contains papaya extract for a natural exfoliant. 



As one of the Korean Beauty leaders, you know you are getting value for money with their products. Only founded in 2006, the brand helps you on your skincare journey, allowing you to get that gorgeous complexion. We can’t get enough of their products!


Dr Jart+


Dr Jart+ creates magic formulas, and it seriously delivers! The brand brings together science and art to create aesthetically-pleasing and powerful skincare products. They have all the technology of Korean Beauty to make your skin look its best. Their facial cleansing foam will remove impurities from your sensitive skin and make it a smooth surface to apply your makeup. Rinse off the lightweight product hassle-free!

Cicapair Enzyme Cleansing Foam



Get healthy and glowing skin with Cremorlab’s products. They illuminate the skin and work quickly! They create their own original formulas for a one-in-a-kind skincare experience. They use skin-loving minerals to feed your skin only the best. MoisturizeMoisturise your skin with their Fresh Water Gel MoisturizeMoisturiser, which is chemical-free for an only-natural experience. It has a long-lasting deep moisture that hydrates and regenerates your skin.




Who said you had to compromise quality with affordability? Missha creates affordable products with only the best ingredients for your skin. After using their products, you will have radiant skin within a few uses – you’ll soon start to notice the difference, and you’ll never go back! We recommend their All Around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk to get a bit of SPF in your routine. SPF is part of the 10 steps in Korean skincare, to protect your skin from sun damage.

Missha All Around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk



Discover one of the most iconic Korean skincare brands, Laneige. They know that one of the keys to amazing skin is hydrated skin, they create carefully thought out products that hydrate your skin in a unique way. Their ingredients contain different sorts of mineral water for natural and safe products. Their Cica Sleeping Mask has been proven to improve skin overnight – yes, you read that right! It will soothe your damaged skin and work miracles!


Etude House


Not only has Etude House have adorable packaging, but they have pretty inventive skincare products too! The brand’s ethos is to have fun with beauty products – and particularly, their makeup and their skincare ranges. Their products have been created at the pH level of natural baby skin to ensure it is soothing even to the most sensitive of skins. Try out their Soon Jung 2x Barrier Intensive Cream – this is to be used at the end of your skincare regimen to provide a deeper moisture to the skin.


The Face Shop


The Face Shop is one of the biggest Korean beauty brands out there – and it’s no surprise! They have a wide range of products, not just stopping at makeup and skincare but also bath and body care products. They are very careful in their production process and their quality, responsibly-sourcing their ingredients such as flowers, fruits and mineral water. Their Yehwadam Artemisia Soothing Moisturizing Emulsion contains Artemisia Capillaris Leaf Extract which will hydrate and soothe dry and irritated skin. Your skin will be healthier and glowing – take our word for it!




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